About Titan Productions

Brad Foxhoven
President, Co-Founder

Capitalizing on his experience in building and managing original creative franchises in the various entertainment industries, Mr. Foxhoven partnered with industry executive David Wohl to launch Titan Productions. As President of Titan, he will oversee the company’s focus on the creation, development and production of original properties for the video game market that can then extend into film, television and ancillary markets.

Beginning his career in the comic book industry, Mr. Foxhoven helped transform Top Cow Productions, a small independent comic book publisher at the time, into a successful entertainment company and the third largest publisher in the US. During his tenure as President, he expanded Top Cow’s operations into all aspects of entertainment including trading card and action figure production, various merchandise and overseas licensing programs, and spearheaded strategic deals including an equity investment from Eidos Interactive, a leading video game publisher known for its popular title, “Tomb Raider”.

Most notably, Mr. Foxhoven was instrumental in establishing several of Top Cow’s comic book franchises into film and television projects, particularly the live action television series, “Witchblade”, which aired on TNT for two seasons of which Mr. Foxhoven served as a Producer; and “Fathom” at Twentieth Century Fox with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment, of which Mr. Foxhoven is attached as Executive Producer. He orchestrated several other projects with companies such as Warner Brothers, MGM, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Alliance/Atlantis, Fox Kids, Lion Rock Productions and Miramax/Dimension Films.

Looking to expand the boundaries of content creation and production, Mr. Foxhoven broadened his creative scope to the Internet in the early part of 1999, co-founding Eruptor Entertainment and serving as its Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Eruptor would go on to become a leading wireless and online entertainment and gaming company, creating over twenty-five online shows and fifteen wireless applications including such franchises as “Jonni Nitro”, “The Marty Show” and the wireless success, “PortaPets” which was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine. In 2001, Mr. Foxhoven produced wireless games for Sony with Cingular Wireless based on the “Spider-man” movie, and for iAyala/Globetel in the Philippines based on the “Star Wars” franchise with LucasArts and “Sex in the City” with HBO.

In the spring of 2002, Mr. Foxhoven partnered with John Woo, the director of such feature films as “Hard Boiled”, “Face/Off” and “Mission Impossible 2”, and his production partner Terence Chang, to form Tiger Hill Entertainment. The company’s focus was on creating and producing original franchise content based on John Woo’s concepts and previous Hong Kong movie franchises for the interactive gaming space, with the intention of taking such franchises back into film and television. The company was successful at setting up two video games. Demonik is an action/horror game at Majesco Entertainment, with Clive Barker attached to write and direct the game and film; and, Stranglehold, a classic Hong Kong action property at Midway with Chow Yun Fat reprising his role as Detective Tequila from the famous Hard Boiled film. Mr. Foxhoven remains as a producer on both games.

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