'Heat' game warming up
Mann thriller vidgame simmering


Crime thriller 'Heat,' which starred Al Pacino, will get new life as a vidgame from Gamebox Software. More than a decade after it hit theaters, "Heat" is returning as a videogame.

Regency Enterprises and Titan Prods. are developing a videogame followup to the Michael Mann-helmed 1995 thriller. Game is currently in early development by Gearbox Software, best known for WWII game "Brother in Arms."

Neither Mann nor stars Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino are currently involved, but game producers hope to get them on board soon.

Regency tapped vidgame production company Titan and its prexy Brad Foxhoven, who formerly ran John Woo's vidgame company, to oversee the project.

Titan and Regency will be talking to several publishers during the E3 confab this week about taking on "Heat" and expect to land a partner, who will fund development of the game and distribute it, shortly.

"The success of the special edition DVD last year reminded us how Michael Mann's 'Heat' is truly a modern day classic and deserved to be retold using modern technology that will transport a viewer into that world," said Regency production prexy Sanford Panitch.

Warner Bros. distributed "Heat," but Regency owns the rights.

Just as the film follow the conflicting paths of a thief and the police officer out to get him, game will let players take either role.

"Heat" is targeted for release in late 2007. Videogames based on older films are a growing industry trend. In addition to the recently released "Godfather," games based on "Jaws" and "Scarface" are also in the works.

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