Titan Productions, a franchise development company specializing in the video game industry, and Silent Devil, a creator influenced comic book publisher, are announcing the launch of a new comic book franchise at this week's New York Comic Book Convention: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

Co-created by Titan Productions partners David Wohl (Co-creator of Witchblade, Darkness, and Aphrodite IX) and Brad Foxhoven, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT debuts the art of Siya.

The story is inspired by real events between the late 70's and 80's, where senior executives in Asia began to groom their female executive assistants to be trained killers – taking the term "corporate warfare" to a new level. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT is a creative retelling of this point of history, bringing it into the modern day. She is a secretary, bodyguard, spy and assassin all rolled into one.

Titan Productions is targeting EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT as the beginning of what will be a series of new projects coming from the company later this year. "Our goal is to replicate the success David and I had when we were at Top Cow together several years ago," said Foxhoven. The company plans on announcing the titles at San Diego Comicon later this year.

A relative newcomer to comics, Siya's art caught the eye of Wohl several years ago at a convention in Seattle. "Over the years that I've been involved with publishing comics, I've probably perused tens of thousands of art samples," expressed Wohl.  "And among those many pages, I've been blessed with the opportunity to have seen the work of a number of "diamonds in the rough"-- From Joe Benitez to David Finch, from Billy Tan to Michael Turner--one look at their work and you knew
you were seeing something special. And now, with Siya, I think the potential for greatness is there. And I'm as excited as everyone else to see how far she can go!"

"I've been a fan of David's work on Aphrodite IX, Witchblade and The Darkness," says Silent Devil publisher Christian Beranek. "EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT finally gives me a chance to work with David, and we're thrilled to be presenting it. "

A lithograph celebrating the announcement of the title and featuring art by Siya will debut at Silent Devil's booth #751 during New York Comic Con this weekend. David Wohl and Christian Beranek will be on hand for a panel Saturday the 24th from 7-8pm to answer questions from fans about the project.

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