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David Wohl
Creative Director, Co-Founder

As Creative Director of Titan Entertainment, David Wohl oversees the creative direction of all Titan projects both within games and their extensions into other media.

Born in New York City, Mr. Wohl began his creative career as a high school intern at Marvel Comics. After spending a year making copies and getting coffee for the editorial staff, Mr. Wohl climbed through the ranks, working as an assistant editor on titles ranging from Spider-Man to the X-Men where he was soon promoted to Managing Editor, working closely with writer Clive Barker on the Hellraiser comic series as well as with Hasbro Toys on the G.I. Joe comic series.

In 1993, Mr. Wohl left Marvel to become Editor-in-Chief and Executive Vice President of Top Cow Productions, eventually becoming President in 1999. While at Top Cow, Mr. Wohl was instrumental in the company's success, co-creating and writing such comic book franchises as "Cyberforce", "Weapon Zero", "Darkness" and "Witchblade". Mr. Wohl was also instrumental in the partnership and development of these properties into film and television projects, which are in various stages of active development or production within companies such as Warner Brothers, Miramax, MGM, Vivendi/Universal, Alliance/Atlantis, and Fox. His most recent success was as a Producer and Co-Creator of the "Witchblade" television series that aired on TNT for two seasons. Several episodes of the series were based on Mr. Wohl's original story ideas. Mr. Wohl has also written and developed several scripts and storylines based on original projects for Miramax ("The Ten"), Lion Rock Entertainment ("Dead Drop") as well as with Alliance/Atlantis ("The Project").

In 2001, David stepped down as President to spend full time concentrating on the various creative opportunities within the Hollywood and Gaming industries. During this time he was a writer on the Top Cow comic books "Witchblade," "Darkness," and "Battle of the Planets," and also served as a writer on the "Hot Wheels: Velocity X" video game for THQ.

In 2003, David joined Tiger Hill Entertainment as Creative Director, where he oversaw all of Tiger Hill's properties, working (again) with Clive Barker on "Demonik" for Majesco Publishing and with John Woo on "Stranglehold" for Midway Games. Along with his responsibilities at Titan, David is still heavily involved with these titles as a co-writer and producer.

David currently resides in Torrance, with his wife Jane, his sons Jonathan and Benjamin, as well as his cat Moosie. And he still gets coffee and makes copies whenever he gets the chance.

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